Stella Polaris is one of the world’s leading producers of coldwater prawns, and supplies cooked, peeled and frozen prawns to fast-moving consumer goods business, catering and industries all over the world.

70° North

Stella Polaris has its production plant and head office in Kårvikhamn, a village in the seafood-rich Senja region in Troms. Our sales and logistics department is based in Kystens Hus in Tromsø.

Production plant and office in Kårvikhamn
Sales office in Kystens Hus in Tromsø

Quality in all areas

High levels of expertise in all areas, from fishing vessels to production on land to sales and logistics, enable us to supply prawns of optimum quality, all year round. Sustainability and food safety are our top priority. We also place great emphasis on delivery reliability and predictability for our customers, which is why we have a special logistics department that tailors solutions for our customers. Our strength lies in a close follow-up and information flow with our customers, to achieve optimum solutions.

A local cornerstone

Stella Polaris was founded in 1968 as a traditional fish landing in the small village of Kårvikhamn in Troms. In the mid-80s, we began producing prawns and have since then dedicated all of our expertise to this delicacy. Stella Polaris is currently a cornerstone company in the village. We have retained our local ownership and this allows us to have a long-term development perspective.

Creating value from the whole prawn

For many generations, value creation in the prawn industry consisted of separating the prawn meat from the prawn shell, and then selling the meat. The prawn shell comprises approx. 40% of the prawn and has contributed very little to value creation. As prawn producers, we have both a financial and moral responsibility to create value from the whole prawn, even the prawn shell. That’s why since 2007 we have strived to develop new high-value products from the prawn shell.

When you look up at a starry sky, you will always see the Stella Polaris – the polar star towards the North. For many thousands of years, this unique characteristic has made the polar star an important guide when navigating the Arctic.